"Hi this is Sowmen,17 year Male, Brazilian by heart,I post both in Portuguese n English. Love my amor and Idol Ricardo Kaka. Reus,Isco I heart you both. Enjoy them n yeah Hala Madrid n Viva Brazil!

"My amor,my idol I love you Kaka,be the best!".

Bear it or Fear it!

Here it comes, new staggering official Adidas #wearitorfearit for Cool Wind in my Hair! A theme specially created to match the beats of Real Madrid’s way of playing. Indulge yourself to the resplendent colors of Real Madrid. Hala Madrid!


So here this vast planet of Tumblr ‘ll be reigned back again by the Ultimate blog of Soccer, to deliver you the best from the soccer world………….this is it………..this is, Cool Wind in my Hair!

It’s cuz a Legend was born today in Brazil! Five years frm now I saw a smokin’white guy in the Brazilian jersey n I fell in love with him…it’s been five years he really turnd mu world around. In these five years many thngs hv chngd bt he’s remained the same. It’s cuz of him I startd lykng ths wondrfl game.. I may frgt som1 else’s b’day bt nt his cuz his impact on my heart is forever n priceless..n idol in a true sense fr me…I adore u Kaka, u’ll forever b in my heart n 1 day I promise, I’ll meet u! For me u were a legend, u r a legend n at the end of the day u’ll still be a Legend fr me… Luv u my amor! #kaka #legend #forever #idol #amor #happybirthday

Cristiano Ronaldo + colours